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Ningbo Mingnuo Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
is founded in 2000

Ningbo Mingnuo Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is founded in 2000. As China Battery Terminal Manufacturers and Battery Terminal Factory, our company currently has nearly 200 employees, with nearly 30,000 square meters of modern standard workshops and more than 150 sets advanced automatic production equipment. Which means that our production capacity can sufficiently meet customers’ diversified needs. We own a number of patents and a professional scientific research team, and strictly implement the ISO9001 quality management system. We supply Battery Terminal Custom, our company adhere to the quality policy of "innovation is the foundation, quality is life, pragmatism is the principal, and efficiency is the goal", providing customers with the quality product, the favorable price, and the quality service. While developing ourselves, we adhere to the concept of giving back to the society and insist on fulfilling corporate social responsibility. We actively participate in various social welfare activities, such as donating school library, caring for the elderly, and providing jobs for the disabled.

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We have focused on the production and development of battery terminals for more than 20 years. Automatic optical inspections are applied to control the product quality accurately. The battery terminal is the part that used to connect the battery with the external conductor, and the main function is to conduct electricity and transmit electrical signals. Our battery terminals have bright surface and clear threads, and their torque value and corrosion resistance are far ahead in the industry. Among them, the integrated terminal is very popular, which helps customers to reduce the cost of production.

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